Glitches in editing

Does anyone know how to remove glitches from a video. I seem to get them all the time in my videos, and I don’t know if its because I’m using wmm on a laptop, and it can’t handle my camera.

In this video, there’s a huge glitch at 40sec.

I ask because I’m editing a vid right now, and I just started, and I already have about 3.


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Anyways, it looked like a frame skip. What is your cameras recording format? MiniDV? If so, when capturing from tape to computer, some of the frames will drop and not be captured, so when you play back what you captured, you can end up with a slight pause and jumps in the video.

Its most likely low performance form your computer. I have an old, single-core 1.7ghz comp, 1gig of ram, and before I capture video, I cancel all other processes except what I need for my comp to not shut down, and for Adobe Premiere. This way all my computer power goes for Adobe premiere and I dont drop any frames.

Yea I am filming on mini dv, well I may be buying a mac some time soon so maybe that will reduce the glitching. Thanks for your input.

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I had that problem once and now i just save each individual clip off my camera in movie maker as wmv’s and then put them in afterwards to edit.I think wmm has a problem with some formats

Is the mini DVC new? Or have you been re-using it? The most common way to get dropped frames is a result of reusing mini DVCs over and over.

I’ve re-used it tons of times. So how long do you usually use a tape for? Once? That seems like it could get pretty pricey.

No, it’s not that bad…

Is that supposed to be a joke.

No. I’m serious.

So how long do you usually use the same tape?

If you get a low grade mac its going to perform just like a low grade pc.

What you should try to get is something with dual or quad cores, and 4gigs of memory. The video card should be ok, but only workstation cards are going to really help your performance compared to a high end gaming card.

EDIT: I just use the tape once. Ill go back and re-record a shot during the days i use the tape, but I dont pick it out a few weeks after, start from the beginning and record over it all over.

What about a macbook air or pro? See I need a laptop for college in a year anyway, so I thought I could just use my laptop for my video editing and school. I’m looking for something that will handle all the adobe premiere programs or maybe final cut pro.

Macbook pro and youll be pretty set. 2.6-2.8ghz dual intel processor. Intels are really nice for rendering/multitasking, and the speed isnt bad in the high 2.xghz. Not sure of overclocking abilities on a mac.

2gigs will be good, but for me, I just go for 4gig. Its a cheap and useful upgrade.