How do I turn my 1 foot ww into a glide? I can barely get 3" because I always fall backwards. Does anybody know what I am doing wrong? Does it help to go on flat or some downhill slope? And anything else that could be helpful would be great. Thanks!


I learned going down hills because gravity works with you. Just make sure the you put enough pressure on the tire to control your speed.

Another good way to learn is to have someone pull you.

Can you one foot wheel walk?

yea I can one foot wheel walk well, its just getting that into a glide…

Ok, just try one foot wheel walking on flat then start to go down a hill then, that may be the best option for you. Good Luck!

How i learned is I one footed wheel walk as fast as i could, and eventually, when you get fast enough, you atomatically start gliding, because the faster you are going the less you need to touch the tire its pretty kool learning tht way i think.

If you’re falling backwards, put a lot more pressure on the tire with your foot…then when you start to fall forwards, take the pressure off of that foot.

Most will say yes. But when I tried it when I was learning to glide I found it easier to continue practising on the flat (and in the end that’s what you aim to be able to anyway).
It would be nice to have another unicyclist who can ride bw and give you a hand or arm so that you can powerglide. But you can also powerglide behind people who walk (don’t let them walk in the line of the wheel).

If you repeatly fall backwards, you can break, but if you have to break too much, then (logically) you should lean more forward. In general you’ll lean a little more forward than ww1ft.

i think leo’s idea of power gliding is worth a try. Its a good way of being able to practise gliding without the transitions. hard parts about gliding

i) transitioning from pedals to wheel
ii) have enough momentum to be able to glide (hill makes it easier)

the better you are at gliding the easier the transition will be

I’m trying a different way of learning to glide right now - I can’t wheelwalk, but I’m trying to transition from one-foot riding into gliding. Doesn’t work very well, but I’m better at that than at wheelwalking! Does anyone have any suggestions on doing it this way, or should I just bite the bullet and learn to wheelwalk?

Who are we to tell you what to do?
It’s not impossible to jump from A to C.
But most common order is learn to ww, ww1ft, glide, coast, etc.

I think you should just skip gliding all together and go straight into coasting.:wink:

From someone who can’t do either…

What is the difference between gliding and coasting?

On a glide, you put one foot on the crown, the other on the tire, to slow down the speed you took going down a small slope (you can also do it on flat ground, just need to take some speed).

And on a coasting, both feet are on the frame and you just roll like that…really harder than gliding, and goes faster.


As there are more different variants (like 1ft ext, or stand up) I’d like to revise above to “coasting is riding with neither foot propelling the wheel in any kind of way”.

You are highly experienced unicyclists compared to me, and I hoped you could give me advice. :roll_eyes:

Also no-footer coast, as in Defect.

Well motivation is a factor to; so if you have zero motivation to ww, and are 100% motivated to learn gliding, I’d say go for it.

But yes ww will make you confident in finding the exact position of the tyre. And ww1ft will make you confident in scuffing and so will give you slowly experience in how to dose the force on the tyre. Meanwhile you will learn a little the effect of bending your upperbody and all those factors together will enable you to glide.

In other words the common way is not a bad path to try. Take your time and keep working on it. Think about your mistakes (or better: how to eliminate them).

Or what about Daiki’s 1ft stand-up coast bw seat in front.
Or Juliens sideways coasting 2 ft ext, or his stand-up coast standing on seat.
Countless options.

Thank you. All this time I thought gliding and coasting was the same.

that stand up coast on the seat is insane, it cant be real.