I learned 1ft ww then tried pull and glide and now i can do that. How do you get into gliding and glide in a gym without going down a hill to glide?

You either pedal fast and do the transition directly to gliding (difficult). Or you do 1ft WW and ‘push’ hard, so that you faster and faster until you switch to gliding. Furthermore the ideal glide is not to touch the wheel at all (no slowdown).


this is coasting, though, and a little harder than gliding. what I do sometimes is start out by wheelwaking like wogri said, then push hard to get into gliding, then you can take your foot off the tire to keep going but if you lose balance you can apply a little bit of pressure to the tire again to keep your balance.
of course, I’m really not very good at gliding on flat ground. But for the short distances I can do, this works well for me.

I learned it by riding one foot and then putting the pedaling foot up onto the tire. The same move works for coasting.

Yes, if you never touch the tire it’s coasting, which is an order of magnitude harder to do for any consistent distance.

I suggest you practice going into it from one-footed riding a little bit if that is practicle, and then learn to go into it right from pedalling fast. It may take a while, but it’s so much easier once you get used to it. Check the Unicyclopedia’s freestyle page for more advice on this.

No, that would be coasting. The ideal glide is where you just barely touch touch the wheel. Learning to coast is a great idea, though.

well, I guess not touching the tyre at all is called coasting, then :slight_smile:

I always thought the difference would also be in the positions of the feet (gliding: 1-ft ww position, coasting: both feet on frame); But - actually - I don’t care.

wogri, never coasted further than a couple of centimetres…

Re: gliding

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Since you can do it pull gliding, you could work on that and try to get a little lighter on the tire as far as how much pressure you are putting on the tire. Get used to that felling of not braking as much. You can also try to do one foot wheel walking to get your foot to be lighter on the tire and glidie more between the pushes.

Then, to glide on your own, just start riding fast and lift your feet up to the gliding position to try gliding.

That brings up another point; there are two ways to glide. You can do it with your foot just sitting on the tire, or you can put it overlapping the tire and the frame. The latter is harder, but probably better in the long run, since it can help prepare you for coasting, and is presumably better for getting into stand-up glide. Generally, when I glide flatland, I try to do it overlapping, whereas downhill I only touch the tire.

Thanks I will try