Gliding: when do you start

I just started learning to ride one footed last week, and I realized that gliding must be extremely hard! So I thought I’d inquire about when you more experienced unicyclists first began to glide. It seems to me that walking the wheel would come before gliding, and one footed riding also seems like it would help, especially if your non-pedalling foot is on the crown. So anyway, I have a few questions about gliding

  1. How long had you been riding unicyclis before you could glide?

  2. Did you know how to walk the wheel and pedal one footed before you first glided?

  3. How amazingly awesome was it when you first started getting it?

And while I’m asking you all these questions I might as well ask you how you start walking the wheel. (Do you start along a wall, from two chairs, or just ride and start doing it unassisted?)


Re: Gliding: when do you start

Check it out:

I’ve been riding for about one year now. I’ve been attempting gliding for about three months now, but have only recently been practicing it every day. Over the past week or two I’ve been getting some good distance; like over twenty meters on downhill and five on the flat. I guess that answers the first question.

I learned how to walk the wheel and one-foot before learning gliding, but there’s one step that you’re missing; one foot wheel walking. It’s essential. After you can one foot ww consistently without falling, gliding is pretty easy to learn. Just take longer strokes with your foot and drag lightly on the tire. Learning how to balance in that position takes a lot of practice, however.

It’s really super amazingly awesome to glide, even if for just a few seconds. I’ve just started learning how to go straight from riding into gliding, and that’s gotta look impressive.

I started learning to wheel walk along a wall, but I found that that’s only helpful in helping you to learn correct body positioning. It’s really best to just do it out in the open. Check the site for some helpful tips.