Gliding Transition/mounting

hello everybody im looking on help how to change from 1 foot riding to gliding are you suppose to lean back like wheelwalking? or keep leaning forward??? once i get my 2nd foot off the pedal i usealy do a nooby “ahhh oh poop” and slam my foot on the tire <<< is that normal :thinking:

If you haven’t tried pull gliding, try that to get the hang of how much pressure to put on the tire. When getting in to it from 1 footing, lean back a little but mostly put your foot on as light as possible to start with and then you can start to apply more pressure.

EDIT: It is also nice to be decent at 1-ft ww so you are good at ‘dragging’ you foot.

I usually transition to gliding directly from riding…

Trying to go in from 1 foot is just a tad difficult and usually involves a short coast.


I trans straight from a normal ride give less coast time and more stability…Best way to learn to glide is from wheel walking to wheel walking one footed. I learned wheel walking down hill letting each kick get bigger and longer…

nah, man, coast time is good.