gliding trainer

i was having trouble sleeping last night when i had an idea the idea was to make a set of training wheels for my uni kind of making it in to a trike i have the idea for this before any one asks i can ride but i want to learn to glide i can wheel walk ok and the trouble i am having with gliding is how hard to put my foot on the wheel i figure if i made some sort of cheepy training wheels this would help me so i am not falling off ever 2 seconds tring to attempt to glide do you think this would work? i know you can get them it trainer wheels but i am not buying a new uni just so i can glide

You might want training wheels atleast 5" of size so they will roll over some smaller bumps and you won’t be planting your face on ground too often.

Re: gliding trainer

I believe that there is no magic secret to this, just an intuition gained through many hours of hard practise. You will find that the pressure you need to apply to the wheel will depend on many different factors. The weather, ground conditions, tyre tread, your shoes, etc. Sometimes I’ve found that I need to apply less pressure when the ground has dried just after rain, because the water has washed the surface dust away. And then I try again on the same spot after several dry days and the dust on the ground makes gliding more difficult, with the wheel sliding all over the place. You need to get out there and learn all this stuff for yourself.

The training wheels sound cute. Not too sure if they’d be of any practical use though. :slight_smile:

Good luck, it’s a fun trick.