Gliding Session

A video from Alsace, France. Enjoy it!

Woah, that was amazing! :smiley:

I agree that this is completely amazing!

I agree with the previous 2 posts!

I agree four :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try to be a bit more creative: It’s amazing!!! :D:D:D

Have fun,

I agree with UVcycle. Such a nice hill eh?

I uh. Think so too!
How!? Just How?? I’ve been riding forever and can do fifth flips and jump 116cm. but I can not do this!!! I am SO amazed my friends! Fantastic job!!

That’s the craziest gliding I’ve ever seen!

You landed fifthflips? Nice!

I´m really keen to learn to glide but can´t watch it because Germany blocks this… :frowning:

Wow that was really amazing man! :smiley:

Need to learn to glide on a big wheel! Looks like it’s way funnier than on 20"…