Gliding problems

I went to the local park today and found a nice hilly, paved path to practice gliding on. The path slants to the left a little bit although it curves mostly to the right. The hill I’m using is about 500-600 feet long. I’m using a 20" united with a knobby 2.125" tire. I can wheelwalk one-footed fine and have no troubles gliding short distances at low speeds (25-50ft, less than 10mph). But when I attempted to glide down this hill I started wobbling and zig-zaging when I topped about 15mph. :thinking: Has anyone else experienced this phenomena? Also, has anyone gliding noticed a quickly diminishing tread on their shoes where the shoe touches the tire?


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ive never noticed the zig-zagging problem before, sounds really wierd. so i can’t really help you out there.

the rubber sole on my shoe has worn through and im onto the squishy foam part now, which gives a really smooth glide:)
i’m going to resole my shoes soon before a hole is created.


I’m not yet up to high speed gliding so I don’t know what I’m talking about but maybe the effect of the pedals and cranks spinning around only becomes noticable past 15mph or so. On the topic of gliding, I found out yesterday that I can glide about 12m with my ‘gliding shoes’ (those cheaps soft ones you walk on coral with) but only about 2m with normal shoes. They just seem too big and bulky.


Gliding shoes are definetely required. my shoes were quite grippy but are now as smooth os a baby’s bum! im going to try and get some flat soled “pumps” that are kind of rubbery and kind of plasticky so they grip but dont wear out too fast.

i think your probably right about the pedals and cranks causing the imbalanced xig-zaggy thing.


I LOVE high speed gliding. There is a thread somewere with the links to my videos.

The shoes i used to wear were good. There wore out though and had no grip left on them. see here

I bought some 661 Filters, and they are really good. They are flat, so you always have grip, and the tred it great. They are also really hard wearing, so dont wear out real quick after gliding!

here (I how also have some 661 ankle bitters. They work really well!


I’m not glidling yet, but you might try some harder soled shoes. Sole material is rated by hardness. A “40” is about the hardest and is used for running shoes that require high mileage, but there is some loss of traction. Lower numbers indicate a softer, more pliable material that gives better traction but wears sooner. It seems to me that trying a pair of long-distance trainers would yield good results, both because of the harder material and because road tread tends to be flatter.

I have worn out 2 pairs of shoes from gliding. I d’ont see a way to get around it, since i usually ride trials (with soft soled shoes) and then want to glide on the same ride.

Anyways, how is everyone determining their speed? The fastest i’ve gone is so that i can’t see the pedals, but i’m not su re about actual figures. do you have cycle computer on all of you unis?

Finally, when i glide long distances, my shoe gets really hot, and starts to melt, and when i felt the bottom, i burned my hand. There has to be a better way than this!

Oh, by the way, brake assisted gliding is also alot of fun. strongly recomended.


I’m planning on learning to wheel walk one footed, then learn to glide. I can already wheel walk. But whenever I try to wheel walk one footed, I totally lose my balance. Did this happen to anyone, and what did you do to help it?

Right now I have some pretty good gliding/trials/offroad shoes. I’m using footsall shoes, which are basically indoor soccer shoes. They have thin soles and don’t have an arch, so they fit my pedals and tire perfectly. The way I tell how fast I’m going is that I lnow from experience that the fastest I can ride is about 14 mph. When I’m gliding I can tell by watching the ground whether I’ve passed my top riding speed.
I went gliding on that same hill today and decided that zigzag was mostly from the slant to the left that makes me want to turn left when gliding. I’m beginning to remedy the problem by hugging the right side of the path when I glide. All I really have to do is practice, though.

Do you mean in the coasting position? That’d be great fun…if only it were possible. :slight_smile: