gliding problem

whenever i try to glide, i’m always going to slow to glide very far. i can only go for a couple feet before i have to kick the tire some more:( . i see others who glide for about 50 feet ON FLAT GROUND :angry: :angry: :angry: !!! i have no idea what they do. i’ve tried 2 copy wat they do, but i can’t:( . any tips u can give me 2 get more speed?

work on just using the very tip of your foot. and don’t push hard.

If you have a good sense of balance try swinging back and forth. If you can’t do that. Then what torkerdx will do. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

the guys who glind a lot of feets enter in the glind from 1 foot riding with a lot of speed

Im pretty sure thats coasting… gliding usually you can ride really fast and then just pull up your feet onto the frame and tire.

coasting, gliding ain’t they the same thing?

nope gliding you have 1 foot on the frame and one on tire the coating one is on frame and the other is out beside the pedal

Well you can coast with both feet on the crown too, I think its more common that way.

The difference is when you coast you have no contact with the tire and with gliding you do so gliding is much easier.

If you are slowing down too fast then just practice, the better you get the less pressure you will need on the tire. When people glide really fast they have very little contact on the tire.