Gliding pics...

I went out to do some trials… but realy could not be bothered!

The plan was to take some video, but instead I took some pics of me gliding…

The pics are not great, and there should be some more to come…
never the less, they can be found HERE! :slight_smile:

Anyone else got some gliding/wheel walking/coasting pics?

I will sort out some more pics, and they should appear in the same album soonish…


Very cool Joe! Love the arty dutch tilt too :slight_smile:

Thanks James,
Actually, the camera was on a tripod, on a very low wall, and the only way the camera was not going to fall off the wall was if i had it at an angle. :slight_smile:

Also, I took the pics (on the seafront) myself using self timer. Its quite hard! You try setting your camera up, pressing the button, then have 10 seconds to run and jump on ur uni, turn around and wheel walk, glide or what ever!
I get some funny looks… haha


Well considering you did that you got some fantastic photos! Did it take many attempts?

Re: Gliding pics…

joe wrote:
> (
> Anyone else got some gliding/wheel walking/coasting pics?

Nice. One of my favourite unicycling pictures is a gliding pic that I
took at Unicon in 1986:

Danny Colyer (the UK company has been laughed out of my reply address)
“He who dares not offend cannot be honest.” - Thomas Paine


That’s a coasting pic. I’m the guy in the white shirt, being blocked by Diaki Izumeda in the red shirt. This was right after Yuichiro Kato had set a huge world record in Track Coasting with a distance of 144 meters. That’s all the way down the straightaway, and halfway around the curve. If it had been a hard paved track, he would have gone even farther!

I made it something like 72 meters, on a borrowed unicycle, for what I think was 5th place. I should borrow unicycles more often!

Oh, and it was 1996. In 1986 we hadn’t even invented the gliding and coasting events yet (those debuted at Unicon IV in 1988).

I found a picture of the guy taking the picture. Is that Jonathan Marshall? Anyway, this one puts me in the front. That was a rare picture, because it’s hard to get a group of people coasting all at the same speed and same time. The picture shows Yuichiro Kato (still the world record holder from that day), John Foss, Daiki Izumeda, Michael Kirsch, and Julien Monney.


Unfortunately I couldn’t find any good (digital) pictures of gliding competitions. Someday I’ll scan more stuff.

But I did find an old classic. This is one of my favorite gliding pictures. It’s Shigero Koike, who was my side-by-side challenger in the Guinness 100m race at Unicon III in 1987. He is also the younger brother of Takayuke Koike, holder of the 100 mile record. I hope we will see them in Tokyo in a few weeks!

This was taken at a unicycle meet in Japan, sometime in 1987 I believe. He’s making a real tight turn, and supposedly did not fall off! JUA photo.


Very cool to toggle back and forth between the two pictures, see the same event at the same instant, each with the other photographer in the background.

Thanks for supplying the alternate view John…

Re: Gliding pics…

johnfoss wrote:
> That’s a coasting pic.

Thanks, I stand corrected. I can never remember the difference.

> Oh, and it was 1996. In 1986 we hadn’t even invented the gliding and
> coasting events yet (those debuted at Unicon IV in 1988).

You’re quite right. Dunno where I got 1986 from. I’d never even
thought about riding a unicycle back then.

> |Download attachment:|

That’s a good picture. I always thought my picture taken from the back
had an appealingly surreal look about it - that’s why I like it so much.

Danny Colyer (the UK company has been laughed out of my reply address)
“He who dares not offend cannot be honest.” - Thomas Paine

These are some of my favourites.

Thanks. Very cool pics!

I have put my coasting pics up now.
They are not good at all, as it was in the hall. Hopefully I will get some good quality ones done outside some time…

James, the gliding pics done on self timer were the only onesI took. All of them (all 4) turned out ok.



Nice coasting.

While we’re on the subject, could someone answer a couple of questions about this skill. I’ve been working on coasting for about a month now. I ride forward one-footed with my right foot as smoothly as possible, than take my right foot off and coast as far as I can. Although I usually fall off after about a meter, I once went three meters. I seem to be making some progress, but not much. So my questions are:
First; Is it important to put both feet on the fork or can I leave one extended?
Second; Is it possible to learn coasting on a 24" uni?
Third; Any other general advice?

Your help would be appreciated.

You can do either. According to the standard skills list their worth the same points (with about 0.1 variation for some skills) so are therefore about the same difficulty.

I usually coast both feet on frame but i am going to learn both well.

The advantage of both feet on frame is that you have a lot of leverage.
The advantage of one foot out is that you can use it for balance. I think (not too sure) that this way you can learn forwards and backwards further because the leg counteracts you weight kinda thing.

Don’t see why not.

Re: Gliding pics…

I shot a few.

Gliding on day one of using the Sem Longneck XLW:

Gliding 170 feet, weeeeee: