gliding feet position

For those of you who can glide, how do you position your feet? What parts of your shoes rub against the tire for various speeds?

As I try, I’m finding that I either launch myself off the front because there is too much friction between the tire and the bottom of my shoe, or I fall off the back because the friction is not great enough.

I’ve been approaching gliding through a one foot WW on a slight downhill slope, so I’m not moving very fast–sometimes I try to start from almost a stationary position. Would it help to try starting when riding faster or down a steeper slope? I know I need to get my feet to provide a more variable amount of friction to the tire, but there always seems to be too much or too little–if only I had smooth “hydraulic” or “disc” shoes. :wink: If it matters, I’m wearing skate shoes and the tire is a Primo “The Wall” slick freestyle tire.

thats an interesting question. for me, when i want the wheel to move faster, i push down with just my toes and the front fo my foot. when i want to go slow i use the upper 3/4 or sometimes the whole part of my foot. if you want to get really wacky with one footed glides, i always use the whole bottom of my foot cuz if not you wont be in control. just ask amanda gallacher ;).

also jsut like a side note, if youre going down hills you probably shouldnt apply to much pressure, cuz youll launch yourself off. on flats you really got to give the wheel room to slide and lift up your feet. im rambling.

EDIT: if youre on a hill dont 1ftww too much, 1 kick will probably do it to get you going. later you can learn transition

I have the part of the foot I glide on contact the tire right past were my toes are. But I don’t think that matters too much, once you practice more and get better at it the foot position just falls into place. (at least it did for me)

I also think that it’s better to start out a little slow, and halfway glide- start 1 footwwing, glide untill you start to wobble, then ‘kick’ 1 footww again untill you stabilize, and so on untill you fall off. That’s how I learned, there might be a better way though. :slight_smile:

So, are you guys just dragging one foot in various positions on the tire at both slow and fast speeds, or are you dragging a combination of both feet sometimes?

No you just drag one foot, the other foot rests on the crown.

I have my feet the same postion going fast, slow, whatever.

Cool, thanks. I guess I’ll just keep practicing the one foot WW. I feel like I’ve been practicing WW skills forever! :stuck_out_tongue:

yea practicing gets old. i practice too much and i think forrest does too. i usually confuse people when i say one footed glide, because arguably glides are always done 1 fted. shrugs