Gliding Fail

i’ve been learning to glide the past few days and this is the worst fall i have taken so far.

That looks pretty painful…

Looked like a pretty painful landing on the tailbone…ouch. Have you tried gliding with your other foot on the frame? That’s what the vast majority of people do and i think it’s a lot easier.

hahaha that was awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Why are you doing it with your foot hanging out in the air?
I can 1 ft wheelwalk like that, but I can’t glide very well like that…and I can glide fairly well with a foot on the frame( off road, further than 50 feet on flat ground, indefinitely on a smooth, low hill, meh)

You give up a major anchor point that way… though I suppose it is good practice for sideways wheelwalk…maybe.

yeah clearly you fell because of that leg

Sack up, Sally. You fell on the grass [;)]

But, really: ouch!

Yeah, now that I think of it, all of the times that I fell badly doing 1-ft-wheelwalk-related things were the times that I was practicing doing it without one foot on the frame.

The uni would sometimes slide out from under me, and some of the times when that happened I would trip over it.

Nice! I like how you glide with on foot dangling around. Keep gliding that way, it is so much cooler, and who cares if it takes 2 hours or 2 months to learn? :smiley:

what I really loved is that, even if you’re falling, the last thing you try to do is grabbing your uni with the hand =D

anyway, I’ve never fall bad with glide (with standup glide well… sooooo much!), and I do it with foot on frame too.

Now is everything ok?

yeah believe it or not, i didn’t get a single bruise from this fall. it just happened so fast that i was shocked, but about 3 mins later i immediately started trying gliding down it again.

i fell because i panicked…theres a lil 6" drop off the sidewalk you can’t really see clearly. as i was approaching it, i started putting down my leg that hangs out, then the pedal hit it and everything went downhill…haha.

the worst thing that happened from this was the pedal hitting my leg. it was just a bit sore after that.

but i still think i was quite lucky, i could have fell right on the edge of that sidewalk and just hit a bone just the wrong way or something.