Gliding downhill


I need gliding tips and low education

P.S i’m not good speaking english

Why Nobody Don´t answer?? :thinking: :thinking:

first you should learn regular wheelwalking…then one foot wheel walking with at least 1 foot(you should really learn right and left foot)…and as you’re learning 1 foot a lot of times youll start to understand the concept of gliding (essentially youll be accidently gliding for an inch or 2 every once and a while)…then start to work on gliding itself downhill

and no one is responding because this should just be in

as DSchmitt said, just practice. I’ve been practicing 1 foot wheelwalk for a while and today I glided for the first time! It was awsome but I got to find longer hills:D

Ok… But i dont just learn the ww i need help:D :thinking: