Gliding down drops?

Has anyone ever glidded down hill, gone down a highish drop and continued glidding?

I saw Yogi in one of the Koxx vids glide down a drop about the hight of two stairs, but that’s the highest I’ve seen.

I have down it down curbs, but that’s it. It starts to become too out of control when the drop is higher than 15 cm or so. It would probably be easier and less painful to do standup gliding, but I wouldn’t know.

has anybody gone off a drop glidding then in mid ain place their feet back on the pedals?

Edit: di you have a link for the Yogi vid?

lets do 5’ drops while coasting since were already thinking about it ohh and throw a frontflip into it!!! YAY!!
hah! just kidding
that would be TOO insane!
i have coasted down a curb
i can’t glide at all.

You sure you don’t have them backwards?

Coasting is the one where your feet aren’t touching the tire at all.
Gliding is a level 8 skill and coasting is a level 10.

coasting is a little harder than gliding id say… so you should learn how to glide. Its alot of fun. I havent done it off a curb but im sure i could eventually if i find a good one.
EDIT: yeah what he said

Amanda Gallecher glided down about a six inch drop in one of her vids…It might’ve been the UK vid.

Ive done curbs and other things like that, never more than 10in. as for hills here is a vid I did a while back for hte heal of it, its when I first got my blue berry…

I find coasting easier, I can’t glide at all but when I was practicing coasting last I was getting almost 15 feet on an egg shaped wheel.