does anyone have any tips of how to glide. i can 1 foot wheel walk well. what else should i learn and how do i glide. thank you

There’s not really anything else you need to learn, just keep practising the 1ft ww and get really solid at that, then try and do it faster untill the wheel is moving so fast you have to do a little glide to keep balance, Just keep doing that then try on small hills, with pracise it should come quickly enough from 1ft wwing. Thats how I learnt to glide, just did 1ft wwing fast enough so I had to glide to stay up, I didnt even really realise, then try on hills and keep the momentum going. Not sure if that helped :stuck_out_tongue:

actually it did help. thank you. any other tips would be greatly appreciated. o when i do 1 ft ww downhill i fall forwards. is that common?

Yeah I think thats common with a lot of people, just means you’re leaning too far forward, just lean right back, almost more then feels comfortable.

Another thing you may like to try is pull gliding. It helps a lot in learning the feel of gliding without having to get the balance perfect. Find a friend to help and get them to stand facing you, with you on the unicycle. Link hands and then get into gliding position. Start by one foot wheel walking and then once you have a bit of momentum, get them to pull you along while you try gliding.

You’ll have a bit more stability because your are holding on with both your hands to someone else plus you don’t have to find a hill and they can adjust their pulling strength based on how much force you are applying to the tyre.

Be aware that if you are holding on to with both hands your friend is liable to get a pedal in the shin if something goes wrong. It is safer for your friend if you just hold on with one arm, but that will be harder for you.

dont let both your feet touch when learning it man. youll lose control real easy. keep em apart. youll feel awesome when it comes. hope you learn it.