Glasses fogging up

I’ve discovered that when I work up a sweat whilst riding, my glasses fog up.
This makes it impossible to see and I have to stop every now and then to give 'em a wipe over with my t-shirt.
Does anyoe else get this, and if so, can they suggest a solution to this problem?
I was in Halfords the other day and noticed some anti-fogging cloth wipes for windscreens, but I was a bit reluctant to try them on my spectacles because of the chemical content left on the lens and the close proximity of my eye.
Any ideas?

I’d totally understand if you didnt want to but… I know that if you wipe saliver on goggles they dnt steam up, maybe you could try this on your glasses?
Only a suggestion.

My solution is contacts.

I’ve been using them for a year and they’re great. You see much better and you just basically don’t have to worry about it for the whole day. Put them in in the morning, take out in the evening. The only annoyance is when they get a bit dry sometimes, but you just apply the trusty solution and you’re good.

Yeh or you could try that…

not possible for me they just don’ build those with my eyes correction (due to old age :stuck_out_tongue: )
fog on glasses a big problem

Laser surgery?

I really don’t like glasses. If I wore glasses unicycling I’d probably break them every half an hour.

Doesn’t mean it’s the same for everyone, but I think it’s good to consider the alternatives.

i use that spray stuff meant to keep snowmobile helmets from fogging up for my ski goggles, it works great. if it works for ski goggles it should work for glasses.

Glasses with smaller lenses allow more air to get between the glasses and your face and help somewhat. Also a sweat-absorbing layer on your forehead helps a bit, too. For damp, night rides where I need my best vision, however, I use contacts. I don’t like them, but they are a pleasure in wet conditions.

Yeah, glasses suck. I’m 43 and I’ve had glasses since about 10, in 3rd grade. I clearly remember getting those glasses and losing all my friends at the same time. Nobody wanted to hang out with a kid with glasses. The stage was set for my life.

I’ve never tried contacts, as putting stuff in my eye freaks me out.

I’d like to try laser surgery, but I don’t have the $. And I’d be worried about future vision, like 20 years from now. OTOH I’d like good vision now, when I can really enjoy it, rather than worry about my vision when I’m an old man. At that age, I’m sure vision will be the least of my worries, or so I hope.

But anyway, I am also plagued by fogging glasses. Particularly in humid weather, or sweating in a helmet. About the only thing I find to work is to keep good airflow around the glasses. And even then I get lots of sweat drippings and other moisture that leaves nasty stains on the lenses.

Yeah. Glasses suck. But seeing is better than not seeing.

Try one of those chemical treatments and report back how well it works.

Glasses Fogging Up

There are two things that you can do.

One get smaller lenses. They let the air flow through better. the Second thing that you can do is wear your glasses a little bit farther away from your face. This keeps the lenses farther away from your hot face and also lets the air flow through better. I know that it is anoying but the alternative is riding without Glasses.

Have fun Riding!


you can get special anti-fog wipes for spectacles try your local optometrist or pharmacy

for example


The smaller lenses work pretty well. The other thing that I noticed is that my glasses tend to fog up when I’ve stopped to take a rest. They usually stay pretty clear while riding when there is airflow across them.

If I notice that they are starting to fog up while resting, I just move them a bit further away from my eyes until I start my ride again.

Ride faster so you get more wind going by the glasses. :smiley:


Maybe move some place where it is not so rainy and humid. :roll_eyes:

Exactly what I was thinking I just don’t know if it would cause any damage to the coatings on glasses. (like the shading)

I wear glasses, but, luckily for me, I can see alright without them. Is this an option for you? I’m nearsighted so I basically just need them for driving, watching movies/tv, and reading things that are far away.

I have the same problem as you, so I usually take them off before I go riding. I can’t wait to get contacts/laser surgery (I look much better without glasses).

Unfortunately, I’m as blind as a bat.
My lenses are like the bottoms of coka-cola bottles.
Strangely enough I often find that just one lens will fog up.
Sometimes the left, sometimes the right.
Contacts are out of the question as I scream like a girl if a speck of dust gets in my eye. Actually touch it!? Are you nuts!?

I will look into the visor spray.

My eyes are also not too bad. On a hot, humid or rainy day I can ride or even play ultimate without glasses. At night, riding with a headlamp is the only time I absolutely need to have the corrective lenses, so that’s when I wear the contacts.

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