Glasgow Club???

Im a unicycling student with far to much time on my hands. im keen to improve my skills but cant seem to get my hands on a unicycling type club in glasgow. im studying at glasgow university so anywere west end would be good.
Thanks guys

Howdy Fella!

Woo Hoo! I been waiting on another unicyclist in Glasgow. I started around 2 years ago and converted a friend, Pebbles, a few weeks later.

Now it’s pretty much just us and we’re always on the lookout for new riders. We mainly do trials, although I Coker and Muni too.

We even got a trials bike rider buying himself a uni soon!

We go to the glasgow juggling club every wednesday night at 7:30-ish for a bit of uni practise on their lovely smooth floor, and a wee juggle too. Gladiator is always fun at Glasgow club.

There are a few other unicyclists there too.

The club is tonight, if you wanna come, come. The website has a map I think. If you wanna meet up and come with me/us, PM me. I’m at home on my lunchbreak just now and will be finished work at 5-ish. Club is 7:30 but I usually go at about 8-8:30.

Also, if you wanna see me in action in Glasgow, check out my gallery for the “Unicycling in Glasgow” video. There is a link to my gallery in my signature.

Search for Pebbles too, he don’t post much but we’ve made some good videos of him. “Pebbles in Skate Park” being one that stands out.

Good to know of another unicyclist in this fine city. Get in touch, man!


nice 1!

im afraid i couldn’t make it tonight but i will b there next wed. should i bring my unicycle? Can’t wait!

Yes you should!

I’m guessing you live in the west end? Murano street? If you looked at the map for the GJC, I am 5 minutes from it.

If you wanna meet up for a ride before that then PM me. I’ll be out on a wheel at the weekend at some point. You’re more than welcome to come.

Lookin’ forward to meeting you!