Gladiators / protective gear

Tried this at the Hamilton uni club on Wednesday with Romack (yes the club is
up and running again - till Christmas or thereabouts). Glaidators is a lot of
fun except it looks like it’ll be years before I ever get Ross off his uni!
(For those of you who don’t know gladiators is sort of like sumo on unicyles -
the object being to get the other person to dismount or ride out of the
playing area)

Any one got any suggestions/tips on how to get better and what tactics to use?
Can you improve your skills without actually going head to head with some one
(there are as yet few people around to practice on:-(

Has anyone got any other games along these lines. What kind of gear do you need
for uni jousting?

For that matter what kind of protective gear is it good to have full stop? I am
still trying to find something to prevent my calves from being ripped to pieces.
I think I may try shin pads on backwards. Does leg armour that protects your
calves as well exist? That would be a nice solution that would make my life a
lot less painfull:-)

Catch ya Peter

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