Glad I was wearing a helmet

Several riders from Memphis were riding off-road this morning. After 2 hours of riding, we were 50 yards from being finished when my helmet suddenly became very useful.

I was riding down the last hill which led to a final hill up. At the bottom of the hill, I had to duck my head to miss a cedar branch that was hanging over the trail. Then, I grabbed the seat handle and pulled to get me started up the hill. Just as I started lifting myself off the seat to get a good pedal stroke up the hill, my head hit a tree limb that was hanging overhead. The tree limb was about 3 inches in diameter so it did not move much when I hit it. It certainly jolted my head and neck.

Hitting the tree limb left a dent in my helmet. Better the helmet than my head.


I’ve had a similar thing happen to myself, except it was a falling brach. Its not all that fun is it?

Last winter I was descending a bike path on my Coker. I hit a patch of black ice and it happened so fast I had no time to react. I fell straight back and hit the back of my head, literally splitting open a huge crack in the helmet. That was a good excuse to get a new helmet!

Sheesh…maybe I should get a helmet!

Glad to hear you are okay.

When I was doing some muni last year I was going down a steep section and fell off forwards. I was able to tuck and roll to recover but then my unicycle came bouncing down the trail and hit me with the metal pedal putting a large gash in my hard plastic skate style helmet. It was incredibly fortunate that I was wearing my helmet because it was getting late and I had no phone and no one knew where I was. They also wouldn’t have known where I had gone either.

Its very important that when you go riding you let at least one person know where you are going. Also, always wear a helmet when riding off road or going big in trials or street.