Giving up

Not sure if this really fits in rec sport unicycling but if you had to give up juggling or unicycling which would it be, for me I would have to say unicycling, anybody else??

I would expect, especially since this is a unicycling forum, that most folks would give up juggling - as would I.


Many here don’t juggle. Not much of a choice for many.

Jogging. Definitely give up jogging.

I always thought that juggling and uni were very closely related, and uni/jugglers might come here since there are no juggling forums that are that good. And even though there is a lot of denial in the subject, juggling is a circus art, unicycling is a circus art, although many branches have come out that are much different: trials, freestyle, muni, cross country. But then there’s idling while juggling clubs, the original, and I bet a large portion of the unicycling population is not into the other forms and only juggles and idles, and guess what, we wouldn’t have unicycling if there had not been juggling (yeah, I know, unicycling was invented for stuff other than that) but juggling was what kept it alive.

[b]pdc posted:

what does that mean???

Unicycling and juggling arent’ related in anyway. Sports uniycling existed before perfmormance unicycling.

Althoguh often combined uniycling and juggling have nothing to do with each other

both or neither.
can’t decide.

Coincidence? I think not… no point giving up unicycling. :slight_smile:

PS. I don’t juggle.

What about Rec.Juggling ?
I recently reported a RSS feed of it.
And there is no “Sport” (nor performing) in it’s address.

That not all unicyclists are jugglers to, and those cases will have no option to give up juggling.

This must be a what if senario, but i do both and would give up juggling in an instant, you cant take my uni from me, but when you break your leg unicycling you can practice juggling a lot!

I would just like to say, unicycling evolved from pennyfarthings not from juggling. I would just like to say the sport of unicycling should not be related to the “stage side” that of course includes juggling. I think we should really start thinking of the performing side of unicycling as just that. and not connect it with actual unicycling. it is like fencing, you have the sport and you have the stuff you see in movies (which is fake and doesn’t look anything like the sport fencing). I for one am tierd of people thinking i am from the circus or that you have to juggle in order to unicycle. I think unicycling would get a lot more respect if we could just show people that there are two sides of it. sport and stage unicycling, there’s a diffrence people. Also, i would just like to say that the extreme side of unicycling did not evolve out of juggling.
just my thoughts

Even with juggling there is a division between sports jugglers and performance jugglers. I juggle but I am a sports juggler not a performance juggler.

I would give up unicycling and keep my style of “performance juggling.”
However, I would get a fixy dirt jumper style bike to replace the uni.


Idling while juggling clubs – the original what? Original unicycling trick? No, Original juggling trick? No. The original unicycle trick was being able to ride one. Same for juggling. The “original” combination of both was to juggle while unicycling. Anyone who has tried knows very well it’s much harder to idle while juggling.

You seem to assume that most unicyclists are juggler/idlers. In fact, most unicyclists cannot juggle. Surprise!

Last but least, the assertion that unicycling owes its existence to juggling, or that juggling kept unicycling alive. Would you care to explain that one? Are you referring to the stage?

Unicycling is indeed a circus art. It is also a recreational sport, a competitive sport, and a bunch of other things. The same is true for juggling. One could add educational tool and cultural arts activity for both as well.

I hate to burst your bubble but they are. They are often performed together, promoted together, learned together and played with together. One seldom sees a juggling convention with no unicycles about, and the same is true for unicycle conventions. Though one can exist entirely without the other, they get together quite often.

Perhaps. But I think the order of events was:

  1. Exhibition unicycling (look what we can do!)
  2. Sports and performing unicycling developed pretty much at the same time. The performing side was much bigger for the first hundred years or so, and was only surpassed by recreational/sports riders in the 1970s or so. Though we have seen records of early unicycle races, they must have been very isolated events, with small numbers of participants. Meanwhile, variety entertainers were performing with unicycles all over the world by the turn of the century.

Support that “surprise.” It definately doesn’t play out here in Texas.

For Texas:
Most jugglers cannot unicycle. <-true
Most unicyclists cannot juggle. <-false

It’s worthy of a poll.
I am curious to know how many of us cannot juggle.

BTW: I learned to “juggle 3 objects” after I knew how to unicycle.


I tend to juggle during the week and unicycle on the weekends, so giving up unicycling would mean giving up my weekends!!!

I can juggle on an unicycle and I can idle on a unicycle, but I’ve yet to juggle while idling.

For real! As a fairly new unicyclist – who has only in the last couple weeks started riding around my neighborhood and local park – I can’t belive how frequently people ask how well I can juggle or if I am part of a circus!!! It is too bad there is such a comical stigma around unicycling.

Note: I do enjoy juggling, though I am not good at it, but I do not find it in any way similar to unicycling nor do I ever plan to combine the two which just seems pointless to me.

I get the circus thing a fair bit too, but the odd thing is i don’t know if some people are actually joking or they seriously think i’m joining/from a circus :thinking:
(it must be a pretty bodge circus to hire me as a unicyclist but i guess they don’t consider that)

The whole circus/unicycling thing annoys me though, as has anyone actually seen a unicyclist at a circus or is it just the ones that come around here that are appaulingly unicyclistless?