Give the GB4 29er a ........"BRAKE"

I put a v-brake on the GB4 29er today. George put the brake bosses right where they needed to be. I had given George the wrong measurements the first time and had to send another e-mail with the right location for the bosses.

I mounted the brake lever on the GB4 Coker handle. This keeps the lever within reach. The end of the lever sticks out further than the handle, so I’m sure to trash it when I don’t catch the seat on a UPD. I’m going to try a BMX v-brake lever from They have some one or two finger levers that won’t stick out so far.

I broke a spoke yesterday riding around town. That’ll teach me to use used, light weight spokes…NOT. After replacing the spoke and installing the brake this morning, I ventured off on a ten mile on/off road ride. The 29er is the perfect all-rounder unicycle. Fast enough for riding to the trail and controlable enough for trail riding.

The brake works great! I finally got the pads toe’d in right. I couldn’t toe in one of the pads enough on the Coker frame, because I welded the bosses on crooked. I had a fun trail ride and even talked my way out of a water fight with some kids at the park.


Side view


just another view


I like where you put the brake lever. I was thinking about trying that, but I wasn’t sure if the size of the handle was right for the lever. It’s nice to know that if I decide on the GB4 handle, that will work.

Your uni is quite pretty.