gisburn forrest muni

a small video me and rob put together, we had to stop filming because it started snowing :slight_smile: hope you enjoy!

Enjoyed watch your video. My eye may deceived me… Isn’t it 26" muni or 29" muni?

Cool video. What do you shoot with?

Great video!

thanks :slight_smile:

to Silent Rider, mine is a 26" custom oracle, and Rob’s is a custom 29"

and too Edd, i use a cannon 600D, the handheld shot was with a tripod and a lot of software stabilisation, although i am working on a DIY steady cam.

Sweet! I’m planning on getting a 600 or 650D sometime in the near future. It’s so much harder to shoot steady footage with a DSLR than a camcorder. Stabalised stuff looks good though! I’ve got a glidecam which I have used a couple of times with a DSLR, takes practice. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Another cool muni video with great filming. Keep 'em coming everyone!