okay how hard are they to ride? and how do you start out… I am thinking about buying one

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I think giraffes are easier to ride than standard 20" or 24" unicycles. They are unusual at first because they are different and you feel like you’re way up in the air. They’re also harder to freemount. But the nature of the tall structure makes correction easier and control tighter. It’s like the difference between trying to balance a ruler on your palm and a broom on your palm.

Buy one that u can alter the height of dramatically, cos it will be frickin dangerous to start off on a 10-ft one, but suck when u got better and only had a midget size,
they wouldn’t be too much harder, after u adapt to the change in momentum, but apart from that


In the summer I saw a busker who used his normal 20" to jump onto his 6fter and then used that to jump onto his 9fter. How hard is this?

sorry he jumps from a 9’ to a 12’

here is a picture of him doing it

Using the roof of my car to mount one, I was able to ride it perfectly fine on my first try after unicycling only since the fall. As long as you aren’t afraid of heights you will be just fine. On the third day I had it, and after 20 minutes of attempts I was able to freemount it twice. It definitely is difficult to mount but riding it is easier than a normal unicycle. Unless you can get a really nice deal on one or plan to use it in performances I wouldnt spend the money as after a few weeks it wont be getting much use.

yeah i have a giraffe… i dont ever really use it, just for show, if u want u can check out my gallery i some footage of me free mounting my 5’er. it is fun.

Wow, I wonder how he would practice that… The 12’ looks like its bending too.

well when I saw him, I dont remember it being that tall so I think he practiced originaly with a smaller giraffe. I was standing on a low street lamp and he wasn’t much taller than me.

Yes, the frame is either bending a lot (which makes for a very dramatic photo), or it’s already bent. I hope the frame can take it, or at some point he’s going to get a big surprise!

I used to do the mount from the 20" to the 6’ in shows. That’s just a variation on the freemount. The downside is sometimes the 20" falls where you don’t want it to, and you might need to rock into it during your mount. But that happened fairly rarely when I did it.

Going from a higher one to an even higher one would be very hard on the giraffe that gets dropped, and could be much worse in the way I described above. If you have an assistant to catch it, problem solved.

Yeah he had audience members come up to catch it and when he got off of the 20" he rode straight forward instead of idling before going forward. Other than stuff getting in the way, how hard of a trick is it?

“About that hard” he said, holding his hands approximately 30 cm apart.

For more detail, a frame of reference might be handy. How much giraffe freemount experience do you have? How comfortable are you on giraffes?

Ok, so it’s pretty relative then. I have non I was asking a more general question, like is it as easy as say a 180 on a normal uni or something along the lines of that. But I guess its not as easy as that