girrafe vs. splined

I am saving my money and I found a cheap giraffe at the store, really cheap. But I really want a splined hub after bending my cranks (which i’ve replaced)and I could save up more and get the koxx one, or I could get a new tire (which i need pretty badly) and the giraffe, what do you think I should do?

The giraffe is only useful for performance, so if you aren’t interested in performance, save your money for the fun stuff.

If you’re struggling for funds then don’t get the giraffe unless you are a performer who actually needs the giraffe for shows. A giraffe is more of a novelty unicycle. For most people a giraffe is not an everyday kind of unicycle. Most giraffes get ridden only a few times per year unless you use it as a professional or amateur performer.

You’ll get far more benefit from your limited funds by putting those funds towards better and upgraded standard unicycles.

If you want to try a giraffe then come to one of the conventions or regional meets and you’ll be able to borrow a giraffe to try. That’ll let you give it a try and be able to say you’ve done it without spending the money on an actual giraffe. If you get hooked you’ll know and then you’ll be able to better justify getting a giraffe.

I wish I could give you more rep points.:slight_smile:

I have tried a giraffe and thought it was very cool and fun. I’d also like to sink down to the level of a birthday clown so that I can earn money for a little while to upgrade all my equipment for cool unicycling. I was at the park the other day and really wanted to do a drop but couldn’t because I was nervous due to my suzue hub. The new cranks are getting pretty bent as well, it’s still a toss up. Somebody convince me more, please!

Just like John said. The novelty of a girrafe will wear off evantaully, and you can be a clown on a normal unicycle untill you make even MORE money.

If you think you can actually make enough money with the giraffe to get a splined hub, go for the giraffe. Otherwise, I don’t recommend getting the giraffe, unless you are heavily into freestyle and want to learn things like pirouettes, seat out riding, backward one-footed, and the rolling mount. If it’s a really cheap giraffe, don’t even consider it. You don’t want a unicycle which will end up with a bent frame the first time you drop it.

That’s good advise. I went through exactly that. I wanted to see what a giraffe was like to ride, so I bought a cheap one. I rode it about 3 or four miles and sold it.

Still glad I did it; and it was fun. Just not very practical as far as uni’s go.

The guy I sold it to had fun as well; maybe still is…