Giro Semi MX helmet

I just got back from the LBS with my new Giro Semi MX helmet. They didn’t stock them but one of the guys who works there special ordered one for himself but they sent him the wrong color (black). It was just sitting in the back unused but had some bicycle stickers that he had put on it. I got a nice discount on the price. What a happy coincidence!

This thing rocks! I have a somewhat large round head, big front to back and big side to side. This is the first cycling helmet that has ever felt comfortable on my head without giving me a headache.

It is built very well with lots of attention to detail, provides great coverage, and the vent holes are just right, not too many but not too few. This is not your average flimsy Wal-Mart helmet. It has a beefy chin strap with decent hardware. The visor bolts onto the helmet with metal hardware, not just plastic snaps and it is adjustable up and down for about an inch. The best thing is that it isn’t pointy on the rear, covers the base of the skull and is somewhat stylish. Of course I haven’t given it a crash test, but that kind of testing is best left up to fate.

This helmet is everything I was hoping for and more. I give it a 10/10.

Rating subject to change in the event of an unsuccesful crash test.


M Delish