Giro E2/Xen helmets? Anyone tried 'em?

Hi there, the time has come for me to get a new helmet, but now I’m after an XC style giro helmet, so just wondering if anyone had anything to say about either the E2 or Xen helmet for Muni!

Cheers, Adrian

I’ve been intrigued by the Xen helmet. The fact that it cover more of the back of the head than normal helmets is a bonus, especially for unicycling where there is the possibility of landing flat on your back and hitting the back of your head.

But it’s an expensive helmet. I’m not that keen on spending that much for a helmet when helmets are disposable items. MTB helmets are only good for a couple of years of use before they should be replaced. It’s hard to dispose of a $125 helmet. It’s much easier to dispose of a sub $40 helmet and replace it with another sub $40 helmet (I like to find my helmets on sale).

A friend of mine used a Giro E2 in Cambodia (40+degrees :astonished: ) and I think he had the coolest head amongst us. If you rode behind him you could see the vents channeling through from the front. I felt like my head was going to explode. I was using a Giro Havoc at the time.
I’m currently using the next model down from the E2- the Giro Animas. Pretty cool but I don’t think it’s as good as the E2.

Make sure you try the helmets on first (ie don’t order online unless you know it fits). For instance, I like the look of the Met helmets but there is no way I can get them to sit on my head comfortably.

I have the E2. It looks really sweeet and has lots of vents. The roc loc works pretty good but one on the littel plastic links broke, doesnt matter though.

I’ve been using the Xen for a couple months now. I live in northern California where we face a lot of heat (117 deg f the other day!). I like the helmet a lot; it’s comfortable and cool, and has great coverage. I got it from for a little over $70–a holdover color from last year. It’s worth the money I paid, but like John said, it’s tough to justify $125 for something that my sweat will destroy within two years.

Are skateboarding helmets “unicycle compatible”?

yup, lots of people wear the skate board style helmet, they’re good cause you dont really have to chuck them away after a whack to the head like a bike helmet. you may get sweaty in them, but they’re definatly unicycle compatable.