Giro d'Italia queen stage Gavia & Stelvio

Yesterday was the queen stage of the Giro 2014, where they rode Gavia and Stelvio in a snowstorm. These are legendary climbs, that I had the pleasure to ride last Fall. Countless switchbacks with big elevation gain on some pretty steep ramps; these are big mountains. Watching the race yesterday brought back some wonderful memories from my awesome climbs, here a few pics from Stelvio and Gavia.


These passes are amazing. I wish I had chance to ride them some day (but some other climbs wait in the queue before :wink: )

Sweet! So are your photos from last fall then?

I’ve ridden both passes on the mountain bike many times and they’re awesome. Plus there are nice downhill trails too! The switchbacks of Stelvio are just amazing to witness in person.

So that’s a 29" with triple hole cranks, yes? What lengths? 160-120?

I’m not so far away in Munich, and today is a public holiday, but I cancelled my trip to the Alps as the weather is not good (I rode local Muni trails insetad :slight_smile: ). Hope the weather improves a little for you but it looks like a mild low pressure system is going to be around for a few days.

Something’s wrong with those pictures, there’s knobbies on that tire. :wink:

Mike, I still envy you more than any other uni rider. Mad props dude!

Looks like a sweet road to ride, but I’m not much for Italian…

Stelvio blew my mind, up from the Prato allo side is 48 switchbacks. The switchbacks in the 30 were the most difficult for me.
I think the cranks are 120,145,170.
Yes the pics were from late September, 2013’, could have snowed on me, but I was blessed with nice weather. Would love to get back to the Alps for sure.

I had the wire bead break 4km from top of Stelvio, somehow got the tire to stay on rim so I could summit, blessed. That was the Schwalbe big apple road tire. Only niner tire I could find in Bormio was one with tread, but still 2.0 Just happy to find a tire, so I could ride Gavia the next day.
I envy all unicycle riders, thanks for the kind words Killian.

Ciao AspenMike
and Ciao to everyone who loves Italy…

Happy to hear that you love my country… :slight_smile:

But you forgot one important thing!

Before coming to Italy, friends, let me know!!!

I’ll be pleased to give you hospitality (well, depending on how many people “you” are… :))and, most important, we’ll have a ride together!

(with the backpack ready for a 2-days-all-muni-ride)

Those mountains were before in the Giro, not last year when it was cancelled. But in 1989, under even worse circumstances. Andy Hamsten won, and Dutchman Erik Breukink made his move to the stage. Something he also did the next year in the TdF; and I received that '90 bike! Now when I last week saw the ride reports, I also saw a couple of pictures of that (also) legendary ride of 1989. And that '89 bike went to a another member of my team. It’s funny to see those bikes back in the media again. And the nature is epic, as ever.