Girlz That Grind

when is this DVD coming out?

its been a long time since ive heard any thing.

They don’t actually grind, do they? More like freestyle? :confused:

They have a gallery with a bunch of photos of some of them grinding, from my memory, anyway. So, yeah, some of them can grind.

What is happening with that DVD?

Did someone say girls? I heard someone say girls.

Well i’m single and recently cheated on by a girl I went out with for three years, that atleast deserves a pitty date dosn’t it?



I wish I had not looked now

This looks like a nice opportunity for someone with photoshop skillz … hehe

I bet this pick ends up on a porno site …

You know when you’re a kid and you intentionally blow to shoot milk from your mouth up and out your nose? Well, as an adult, although accidentally, i am reliving my childhood. [monitor… dripping milk]

Someone please trash this thread now.

Here’s a whole bunch of pitty dates.


Thats not the kind of dates I was reffering too.

Surely then, these would be well qualified as pitty dates.


I call bottom left.