Girlz that grind?

While reading another thread in the RSU forum it has come to my attention that…we haven’t heard from the girls in along while…where’ve you all gone?

Also, how’s that video coming along?

Yeah, I was wondering that too. I’ve been waiting to see some footage to prove my theory that girls can’t ride unicycles is incorrect.

Cause they’ve got a gallery up…but nothing in it!!

maybe…it’s all part of a vast communist scheme!

You know, I bet that’s right. I’ve never actually seen a girl ride a unicycle, with my own eyes. I bet they can’t really do it.
They don’t have the balls to ride a unicycle.

There are girls riding the uni, even the muni!

Some girls from Germany really kick ass! German’s unicycling community’s pretty good. I don’t know if their girls can grind, but they do some awesome things (I can’t do at least).

Your logic is flawed- juggling requires balls (or clubs or other props) and unicycling does not. How do your testicals help you ride apart from when you crush them? I’ve seen girls ride. There was this swedish girl who rode my MUni with bare feet once, and there were several girls riding at the NZUni weekend and the Juggling festival. In other countries somewhere female unicyclists outnumber male unicyclists. The Japanese freestyle unicycling girls that I’ve seen on videos would make most males unicycling skills appear useless.

yeah yeah, I know, I was juuuuuuuust kidding…

No but I’m talking about the all female movie that was annouced some time in the past…just thought I’d dig it up.

Sounds like you need to expand your horizons a bit…

I’ve seen a number of really good female riders, who are good at freestyle, trials, muni, distance. The best all around rider in our local group is a girl. Our youngest rider (at age 7 I believe) is also.

There are probably lots of theories why there are more males in this sport, but almost all the female riders I’ve met take it really seriously, and are really skilled as a result.

No you were not! I could tell by the tone of your voice (writing) you were dead serious!

that would be a cool video.
cuz so far the videos i’ve seen havn’t had a lot of female riders in them.

i’m all excited to learn trials stuff soon!
i figured out how to ride the unicycle after like 6 months.
and dagnabit, i definately crushed my balls in doing so!

No babies for you then.

I’ve tried, and my sister and her friend have both said they were going to learn to ride but gave up after a day or two. Which just further increased my theory that girls cannot actually ride unicycles.

Actually, I do know one girl who I’m going to teach how to ride this summer. But she’s the only one I know of who actually wants to ride and wants to put in practice time to get there.

DUDE. i so tried all summer long! :stuck_out_tongue:
ask hungfromhooks if you don’t believe me. he saw me sweat & suffer almost daily for my 6 months before having it all suddenly click and allow me to be mobile on my one wheel! heh. SIX MONTHS! heh. he was more shocked than i was when i actually rode around the gym we practice in!!

note to self. get video of self riding. just to prove james wrong!

Oh I’ve seen videos of girls riding. But I’ve also seen videos of- I dunno, people flying, or something. I’ve just never seen it with my own eyes.

(in case no one knows, I’m still kidding)

hmmmmmmmmmmm… who’s eyes were you using then?


unipsycogirl broke her wrist. I think she was the one doing the video. Nick’s girl friend is suposed to learn. She is getting a nimbus for christmas.

Have you ever seen anyone else ride a unicycle with your own eyes? I would guess not…

Uh huh…

You may be correct when refering to the unicycling population in the US or on these forums, but globally, I’d say it’s pretty even as far as gender goes. Looking at the database from UNICON XII this last summer, the attendance was 69% Female and 31% Male. Now, keep in mind that a large portion of the attendees were from Japan which is predominantly female riders.

When I went to Germany a month ago for a unicycle hockey tournament, the participants were almost 50/50 (slightly more male). I also visited a unicycle club there as well, that does freestyle riding, and it was mostly female (23 girls to 3 guys + myself at the practice). In March, we have 20 unicyclists from Denmark visiting us and of those 20, only 3 are male.

i kno something bout the video…

i know the girl personally who is making the video… and its taking her much time to even start b/c of certain issues and people… and who over said girls cant grind needs a head check…