Girl trip to Berlin [street]

Sophia and I did a spontaneous trip to berlin with our unicycles. We had a lot of fun and this is the result :wink: hope you like it

Realy sweeet !! :smiley: I liked it! :smiley:

Realy sweeet !! :smiley: I liked it! :smiley:

That was cool.

Except that fullvarialflip didn’t count because a guy did it :p.

super roll was sick!

That was sooooo hot… lol

Nice video. editing, filming, riding, were all great :smiley:

Any relevance to the city Chicago and your username???

Nice video, I like the backwards stair jump

cooler Film!
Sophia ich hoff est ist nix passiert!

That is really cool video i really like it :D:D

It was a great pleasure to be part of it.

@chicagoo: Good you did your homework for the weekend, looked good.:wink:

@sophia: Your last bail made me laugh out loud, sorry.:smiley:
I was surprised, when I saw the flip up the curb. :wink:
Congrats for the superroll!


nice video!
eremit you are one of my heros!

Yeah cool video. First superroll from Sophia? Congratulation.

yep :slight_smile:

Nice riding girls (and guy)!

Wait wait, you did the fullvarialflip??? a 33 year old fullvarialflip??? Thats awesome!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow awesome yall should make more girl videos. Awesome job crankflip up the curb was awesome!

No :smiley: a 32 old fullvarialflip!But still awesome :roll_eyes:

awesome video, i realy like it :slight_smile:

:o Haha! Hopefully we will ride together at WUKO. :slight_smile:

Next week i’ll be 33. So I think maybe I should forgive you… :stuck_out_tongue: