I’ve never tried one, but I’ve been wondering…what is fun about riding a giraffe? I’ve seen a few clips of guys doing some pretty cool stuff on them, so I figure it must be a rush. Any of you out there riding these giants, please give some feedback.

I’ve got a Torker 5 footer. The problem for me is that I can’t freemount it so riding it far from my house is too impractical. When I first got it I was a little worried to ride it even though I’ve been riding for 15 years. I tried it and was shocked at how easy it is. Driveways, curbs, etc still throw a curve at me but it’s cool to ride…more of a novelty. My neighbors quit coming out to watch when I go by, but when people drive by they do so very slowly, almost in shock as to what they are seeing. The neat thing about a giraffe for me anyways is that in a town of 110,000 people, I’ll bet that I’m one of only 2 or 3 who can ride one.

Hey Tim Morin how are you?? I also have a giraffe, the advantage (and i think tjheller might agree with me on this) is that it is somewhat easier to learn then a regular unicycle. Also when riding in public you can see where you’re going because you’re sitting a little taller than everyone else. Freemounting is a little harder to do. But you pick it up real quick. If you are thinking of getting one. Here’s something to help you along the way

Freemounting a giraffe unicycle

This is my giraffe unicycle

Take care

I have never considered buying one, although I’m kinda developping an interest. won’t be soon though, as I just finished paying off my coker, and my wife will not allow another uni purchase for a little while. but I may ride one in the future.

Next time I come to North Bay I will bring my 6 footer for you.

They are kinda neat, it’s a fun challenge to figure them out, that’s for sure

Cool, thanks Brian. What size is the tire?

Mine has been upgraded to a 24" if you wanted to know. :wink: :smiley: :wink:

I’d figure I’d like a 24 inch wheel too.

ah they’re not all that fun, except the first time u do it…then they get lame… ifind most people riding them have very little skill at regular unicycling, and just ride giraffes to pretend like they’re good or something…my suggestion it to womp ten stair rail

Advantages to having a 24" on a giraffe

  • It’s pretty good at getting speed
  • People look at you weirder than usual
  • The wheel looks nice with a custom chrome rim :smiley:
  • You stand a little taller on a 24" than a 20"

The Disadvantages are…

  • It’s a little harder to freemount
  • Sometimes it requires some more balance than a 20" for reasons unknown

this one is a 20"

20" would be better for trials, 24" would be better for muni

(there’s less head room in the woods on a giraffe than on your coker!)

I guess that’s true… head room is important, just ask Max, he’ll tell ya.

You’re old.

I just noticed your pic, hahahaha

I just get better with age buddy. you took that pic with your dad’s camera. He’ll see that on there one day, and think what the crud?

Just had to post this, one of my favourite uni photos. I used to ride around town at night quite alot on the torker TX, just for fun really, probably not ridden it in over a year now, I should dig it out again.

That looks like fun. Maybe i should ride my 24" giraffe more often. It was nice getting good comments and weird looks from people.

Hey! There’s a wall on your hand!