I am hearing talk of 5’ and 6’ giraffe’s, just how do you measure a giraffe?
From the ground to the pedal center or to the seat? Or how?


RE: Giraffe’s

> In some parts of Australia, we like to measure giraffes from the ground to the
> top of the head, similar to the way horses

The sticker on my old Schwinn Giraffe (picture of a giraffe) is about 6" high.

John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone

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RE: Giraffe’s

In some parts of Australia, we like to measure giraffes from the ground to the
top of the head, similar to the way horses are measured. This can be somewhat
problematic if someone heavy is sitting on the giraffe, since they tend to
collapse the beast. Worse still, is if the giraffes happen to be feeding at
the time, since their head height varies depending on the height of the
nearest foliage. Generally, the best way of determining a giraffe’s height is
to find a friendly English speaking (or whatever your native tongue is)
giraffe, and to ask it. Occasionally they don’t understand you though, and
will get scared and run away.

Hope this doesn’t help. nic


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> My understanding is that they are measured from the seat to the ground.
> I have heard that in some countries giraffe height is measured from the ground
> to the seat. I find this method to be less accurate =)

OK… What’s the difference?

> Measurements is approximate. A 6 ft. uni is only really 6ft high if the
> is set at that height. A shorter rider with the seat down will only be riding
> a giraffe that is 5,9 but still call it a 6 footer.
> Wayne.

I can understand that the seat height adjustment would make a difference. But
the general measurement is to maximum usable height I guess.


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> Giraffe’s
> > I asked this question about a week ago and never got an answer. Might have
> > got lost in the shuffle.
> >
> > How do you determine the measurement of a giraffe? Is it the distance
> > between the wheel axle to the center of the crank? Or is it the total height
> > from the ground to the seat. Or is it the
> > of the chain?
> >
> > If you remember, I am the 72 year old guy that is trying to learn to ride
> > the unicycle. Thought I might give an update. I haven’t been able to ride it
> > everyday, lots of things going on here, so I haven’t made a lot of progress.
> > I still can’t let go of the walls for very
> >
> > My grand daughter and her husband, they are in their low 20’s, came over
> > last Sunday and gave the uni a try. In half an hour they can do a lot better
> > than I can. :frowning: They were free mounting and going about 12 to 15 feet before
> > dismounting. This was in the back yard which has some little bumps.
> >
> > Not to be shown up, I free mounted and rode about 3 feet and then all of a
> > sudden I went from riding to laying on the ground on my back. It was so
> > quick I didn’t remember falling off. I thought I broke my tailbone, but it
> > turned out to just be sore. Haven’t been back on yet. Maybe tomorrow, when
> > some of the soreness leaves.
> >
> > I think I must have hit a little dip and the wheel speeded up going down
> > into it and I lost it. That’s my first actual fall. I know my
> reactions
> > are a little slow, so I better keep it on a smooth surface till I get
> > uni legs, so to speak. But I am still determined to go the course. But maybe
> > a little more cautiously. Baby step by baby step.
> >
> > Is there any protective clothes that would protect my posterior?
> > pants? Tie a pillow to my hind end? What?
> >
> > Lowell
> >