Giraffes. Why so small!?

I’m just wondering what the deal is with Giraffe unicycles. The only ones I’ve seen (and the one I own) all have 20in wheels! Why do they not come in larger sizes!? Even just a 24in would be great!

where in colorado are you. I’m in fort collins.

I agree, 24’s would be sweet

Probably two reasons. The main one is that 20" is all you usually need. Giraffe unicycles are mostly used for showing off/performing. For real performing, you’re usually on a nice, flat surface so terrain isn’t a problem. If you’re indoors, space is often an issue so 20" lets you do more stuff in less space.

The secondary reason, which applies more to the “hobby” giraffes out there, is that 20" is cheaper/smaller/lighter than 24" so it makes sense in keeping the price down. :slight_smile:

What do you want the bigger wheel for?

Why go 24 when you can go 36!?

I’d like to see a three wheeler that goes from 16" on the bottom to 20" to 24". That would look good in a show.

there was a pic somewhere of Beau riding a 36’er giraffe, in Uni Magazine I think, looked pretty cool!

uni mag issue 1.

I’m in colorado springs

I would mainly like a larger wheel for doing things like parades. I am in a few parades each year with a group of carnival performers (jugglers, fire-eaters, etc.) and I would love to use my giraffe (er, penguin…), but making it through a mile/mile and a half parade route on a 20in wheel would be exhausting. It would also mean that I would more than likely have to keep going in a straight line in order to keep up with the flow, rather than go in circles back and forth to either side of the street.

Dingo, can’t you just increase the gearing?

A smaller effective wheel is better for parades; parades generally move at less than walking pace, and unicycles move at greater than walking pace. When I do parades on a 24" uni I get really tired from having to ride back and forth so much.

But if you really want something faster, you could just gear up your giraffe (use a larger cog on the top, or smaller on the bottom).

Yeah, I could look in to changing the gearing I suppose. I’m not used to thinking about chain drives again! lol
I’ll just have to make sure I stay away from things like curbs, or rocks because 20inchers dont like those so much!

have you ridden it in a parade already? from what I’ve heard keeping up won’t be a problem at all, riding slowly enough will be! Have a search… and a mile and a half should be easy, unless your fitness level is as low as mine!

Everyone else has been riding 20" giraffes in parades forever; I’m sure you can manage. And yes, parade speed is generally (supposed to be) that of a slow walk. Usually you only go faster if a gap develops and it has to be filled in (happens a lot in parades where groups stop to perform). You’re much more likely to be stalled in-place and have to ride around on the same piece of street for a while. A 1.5 mile parade will involve at least 3 miles of riding.

I’ve ridden my 9-footer in a parade on cobblestones. Once.


My preferred parade vehicle is my 45" big wheel. Lots of fun swooping around, spinning, scaring people (which gets a laugh from the people across the street) and zooming up and down when there’s enough room.

I thought of another reason for 20" wheels on giraffes. Better handling. The bigger the wheel, the more sluggish the thing is going to ride. If your purpose is speed this isn’t much of an issue. But really if your purpose is speed you have to ask yourself what you’re doing up on the other end of a chain? :slight_smile:

Like that 36" giraffe Beau was riding; it’s more of a novelty thing among unicyclists than something you would actually want to use much. All the weight of a Coker wheel, plus extra kinetic energy every time you fall off or dismount? No thanks…