What’s it like riding a Giraffe?

If I can ride a uni, what’s the main difference (except the obvious) between riding that and a tall one?

Which one should I buy? One for 400 quid a bit steep or is it worth the money over breaking a cheaper version?

Thanks for the advice!


I have a cheap 5’ giraffe. It’s holding up fine. The main difference in the riding experience in my opinion is how long it takes to fall. If you can overcome the mental difference in the riding experience it’s not too hard to ride at all, in fact you have more time to compensate for loss of balance…you just have to trust yourself. I find my giraffe easier to idle in a small area. I’d go for the cheaper one.


Agree with Andrew. We don’t usually hop or drop on our giraffes so the need for sturdiness is reduced. I find them fun, and crowds love them, but I spend less than 1% of my unicycle riding time upon one. They’re easy except for getting on. If you’re agile and lithe dismounts are a piece of cake too, at least for the five footers.


Yes please! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve had my giraffe for a few months now, it’s not much different to ride, although obviously it’s a bit heavier than my smaller one, and its been fitted with longer cranks to try and balance this out, which makes it a bit slower. It’s brilliant for looking over posh neighbours’ garden walls!

I bought it for just under £200 from, which i suppose makes it cheap, and I haven’t broken it yet, despite bunny hopping and dropping it occasionally.