I have just orderd a 5ft, and im wondering if there is any techniques for a free mount, am presuming the actual riding wont be to differnt to a standard unicycle but al find that out the hard way…also does anybody know the limitation of one? Im thinking a decent muni ride on it…if it will take it :slight_smile:

I’ve never ridden a giraffe but I can only imagine more leverage being much higher up, plus the scare factor of a view from probably 8 feet above the ground.

As far as mounts go, I’ve seen people kind of just hop/climb up onto it. I myself would probably be too scared to give the giraffes a shot.

I picked up a 5.5’ giraffe yesterday, from Darren Bedford of Bedford unicycles.

I’m planning to devote a fair amount of time learning to free mount it eventually. In the meantime,I’m using whatever support to lean to that I can get i.e. walls, poles, etc.

The way I mount it is to jam the wheel with my right foot on top, then left foot on the left pedal (bottom pedal), right foot on right pedal, sit on the saddle and way you go. This has been working pretty well for me so far and it sorts of mimic the way I’m going to try and learn to free mount it as well (static). hopefully i’m building muscle memory now to have an easier time later.

I’m already riding it fairly comfortably and can idle. I have not tried to ride it backwards as of yet.

I don’t have that much experience riding unis. I gave them a shot in the early 80s (I’m 49) and managed to ride a 20" norco a couple hundered feet and could awkwardly make turns. I got back into it a little over a month ago, joined the Toronto unicyclists club and have been practicing 2-3 times a day pretty well every day. I practice at work, at home, have been doing 9k rides regualrly. I now own a 20" trials, 24" muni, 29" road machine, and the giraffe - all Bedfords except the 29" C.H. As a bonus, I’ve been increasing my overall fitness level and lost unwanted body fat.

What a fantastic sport this is. I just wish I had given it a more serious go earlier in my life. Oh well, better late than never.

Welcome aboard gathan :slight_smile:

You’re right about ‘better late than never’.
I got my first uni when I was 43. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done:)
and youcanneverthavetoomanyuni’s :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats true that like, never have to many, i must have about 7 unis and im still buying mine, the giraffe has arrived at home, but since i work away from home a havnt got on to it yet…

Gathen have you tried any jumping on it yet? What the weight differnce like for it?

If by jumping, you mean hoping; then no I didn’t, nor do I plan to right now. I’ve already bent non heavy duty cranks on another uni and do not wish to bent the ones on the giraffe.

As far as having a challenge goes; learning to freemount it will keep me busy for a while I think.

I managed to ride it backwards a little this morning. I do not find it any harder than riding backards on a small uni, just a little more nerve wrecking :astonished:


Lol I’ve tried riding giraffs before and although I’m perfectly capable or riding them I can’t ride them simply because I don’t like being that high!

I’m not bothered about them at the moment but it has challenged me so in the next couple of years will purchase one and master my fear :stuck_out_tongue:

Am due home in a week, so will find out then what the height issue is going to be like. If it is a problem then there will be a cheap giraffe up for sale soon haha

my way of mounting i learned from a youtube video. you put your foot in the fork on top of the wheel, set the cranks parallel to the ground and push up with the foot on the fork, jumping with both feet to the pedals at the same time so you have it like your hopping SIF and slip the seat between your legs. It sounds complicated but i find it easier than the regular way

no problemo

I have trouble enough with “low” branches on a normal muni, good luck.

Side: I find that I’m probably a few feet taller sitting on my uni than bikers, hunched over their frames like they are - that typically translates to the occasional branch in the face since the bikers don’t clear those out. In fact a “low” hanging, berry laden branch (was probably over 6’ off the ground) snagged in the air vents of my helmet and pulled me right off my muni once.