giraffe unicycles

do you think giraffs are worth it or a waste of time?

fun for about five minutes.

ride one once and you’ll see what I mean.

waist of time?? NO!!!.. waist of money to buy one?? yes…

yea they are fun for couple minutes to show your friends or something but they get boring…

ive had mine for 3 years or so and i have like 5 hours in it all together

They do get a lot of attention though… much more than a regular uni.

I’m happy I bought one even though I only use it once and a while.

It’s worth it for me cause no one around here that rides has one so at least they get to try mine. It’s fun on celebration days to ride where there’s lots of ppl or if you’re just craving some extra attention take it downtown.

If you’ve never rode one before it really is something you have to try at least once… it feels really neat being higher than stop signs and stuff.

easier to balance, too.

Giraffes are almost purly for intertainment purposes. If you gonna be a rider who regular goes on the street and do street shows for money, the giraffe is one of the best unis to get.


thanks for the help guys

They’re a bit of a novelty, if you can get one cheap then it might be worth it, I used to ride around the city late at night on mine for personal amusement but I’ve not been on it in months, I expect at some point I will get back in to it and ride it more frquently.

You can do the bowl thing the acrobat does with the panda music! Rats, unspecificness…Anyways, she stacks bowls on her foot while one-footed idling on a giraffe, then just kicks them up and they land on her head! This! That person on the link is Kristal Liu of the Red Panda Acrobats, but these people(the Beijing Acrobats) also do it, but another version…don’t try it with china untill you’re REALLY good at it. And I don’t recommend giraffes for the first time either…

i’ve seen that video with the bowls, she is amazing

Yeah! The temptation to turn your head up to look where to put it to catch the bowls is just too big…She must know physics and have a flat head!

I think it’d be fun to gear up a giraffe with a 24" wheel to 1.5:1 and go long distances with it, though a fall from high speed might be disastrous. I just like being up high though. I’ve never rode on a giraffe, but i’m pretty high up on my 29er and it’s it’s much funner.

ya i really want 1 how mutch would a cheap 1 go for

The cheapest one you could find new would be the torker TX 5’ :
UDC $129 USD
Ebay $99 USD

You’ll have to check out prices on shipping and customs fees.

Bedford in Toronto has a Bedford Giraffe for $350 CAD

The cheapest I’ve seen a used griaffe go for on ebay is $75.

they are totally useful to say to your friends that youve got one thats up to reaches up here. but yes, a waste of money

It’s not a wase of money when they make one for trials. Or like a coker giraffe :roll_eyes:

I think giraffes are fun to ride! I ride mine to school sometimes if I’m bored and everyone at school loves it. So yeah if you want to draw attention to yourself a giraffe is the way to go!!!

not worth it but fun to ride if you know someone who has it for a few minutes. maybe worth it if you only unicycle for attention.

I dont ride unicycles for attention if that was what you were saying to me or the guy that made the thread? I ride unicycles because I love riding them. Sorry to get off topic of this just seeing if you were talking about me or not.