Giraffe Unicycles

> I have a team called the Hippest Hoppers we jump rope, juggle, and >unicycle. I just ordered the giraffe unicycles for my team. Do you have >any information that I could give to my principal about liability? My >principal supports my program but
the super has a different view. She >basically just needs the information to cover my back. Thanks Melissa

Re: Giraffe Unicycles

This is the type of thing organizations like the Unicycling Society of America and International Unicycling Federation should be working on. They don’t have anything that directly addresses this issue. What your superintendent probably wants is assurance that your group is not embarking on a cockamamie venture that will lead to liability for your school or district.

But what does exist is lots of anecdotal evidence. There are schools all over the country using giraffe unicycles. Perhaps a letter or a phone call from one of those other schools would allay your super’s fears.

The nice thing about giraffe unicycles in schools is that they are usually only allowed to be used by kids who have passed a minimal proficiency level on regular unicycles. This means they already have a basic skillset, plus the quick reflexes and thinking that will help them be safe up there.

There are possible insurance issues with giraffes as well. Because riders are higher off the ground, it may put you into a different category insurance-wise. But if similar activities already exist where you are riding (gymnastics, rope climbing, etc.), you should be fine.

What’s the difference between a non-competitor and somebody who’s just going to watch?

A non-competitor can have the privilege of riding a unicycle on the convention grounds. A spectator who is just going to watch cannot even touch a unicycle while on the convention grounds. This distinction is for insurance. A non-competitor is covered under the insurance policy in case they get hurt while riding a unicycle during the convention. A spectator does not have that extra insurance coverage.

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So I guess if I go to the National Unicycle Convention, my mom won’t have to pay anything? That’s good. Maybe that’ll help a little in convincing her it’s worth the money to take me. :smiley:


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Re: Giraffe Unicycles

Miss Fritts,

We had to purchase a policy in order to use the local school’s facility. They allow non-profit groups to use the facilities for free but the insurance policy is a must. It took some talking to convince an insurance company that we were not a sport akin to hang gliding over shark-infested waters. We finally found a good 1M liability policy that named the school district as second insured for not a lot of money.

I’m not connected in any way with this company other than the agent is a friend and attends my church, but if you’d like to ask questions of the agent, contact Chuck Watkins at Rochelle Insurance Agency, (815) 562-5596.