Giraffe unicycle


I just got a giraffe unicycle today, and I was wondering if anyone has any tips for learning it, especially about mounting it without help. I can basically ride it if have help mounting it already. I also would like to know it there is better way to dismount other than basically jumping off.



Try reading this Freemounting a giraffe thread ilyana. I mostly stand on things like fences to mount, but I’ve seen the freemount done (it takes practise). If you can find a platform that is high enough it can be good to mount from and you can stand on it again when you get off. If you are away from the platform, basicly jumping off being careful to land on both feet evenly is a viable dismount. Be aware of the size of the giraffe too when you jump off, making sure there is enough space in front or behind you, depending on which way you hold it. I jumped off next to a wall once, forgetting about it, and I got catapulted forwards since the wheel had nowhere to go behind me.