giraffe unicycle, which one?

i have birth day coming up and i know i want a unicycle and im not sure if i should just jump into trials already so i have toyed with the idea of getting a giraffe unicycle…but from what i hear giraffe unicycle cant handle much and cant be ridden of any thing that isnt flat (correct me if iwas wrong its just what i heard) and i was wondering if there was a giraffe unicycle that could hold up 2 some bumpy/ rough terrain (nothing searious just i dont live close 2 much flat or paved land)

if any come 2 mind plz let me now

There have been some riders that have done muni on a giraffe, most notably Scot Cooper. See this thread for discussion and a picture. That said, it’s a valid question to ask why you would want to. Scot is a world class rider, and it seems to me he did it more to show he could than because it made for good muni or trials. I think you’d be better off deciding what you’re most interested in, and getting the right uni to support that. Giraffes are fun, but in my view they’re really a “nice to have” once you have the other basic areas covered. Unless you’re main thing is freestyle or parade riding or entertainment, then it would move into the “required” category.

In general, stock giraffes aren’t that strong. According to the thread linked above, Scot did some fortifying of his beyond tossing on a knobby tire. He posts occassionally here (scot), so you might send him a PM to discuss if you’re really interested in pursuing that idea.


thanks …i wasnt sure if iwas going 2 get one but i wanted 2 know if i could do some rough stuff on it but i think im going with a trails unicycle instead

Giraffes do magnify the difficulty of rough terrain riding enormously, small bumps can throw you very easily, if you don’t have any paved surface near you you’re probably best not buying one, a trials unicycle will probably provide a lot more use and enjoyment.

we build one by our self which is good for a lot of tricks and also for some Trial. There is a small clip on http://www.unicycle.tvTwoBig) where you can see it but I make a better one actually. You could mount every 20" Wheel you like :slight_smile:

I got the torker tx for my birthday. mistake . I really wouldn’t recomend getting a girrafe unless your want one for entertainment purposes because it was cool for the first three weeks and then I never rode it much again.

Yeah, I’d say to go for a splined trials unicycle. It provides much more fun in my opinion. I wasn’t very good at all at trials before I got my trials unicycle (and still am not).

I just got an old girraffe and freestyle from a guy down my street for 40 dollars. Girraffes are really fun, but I agree with everyone else, they serve no practical purpose other than performing. Ive had it for less than two hours and I know it wont be used to often, but $40 dollars for two unicycles? who could resist!

I’m afraid to freemount it, so far climbing onto the roof of my car has worked just fine. Its easier than riding a normal unicycle once you are up there. However, I suggest that your first ride on it is not in the dark on an icey driveway, ouch my knee.

hey mr. Blackwood. Could you please repost a link to the thread on giraffe-muni you had mentioned?

Looks interesting.


Sorry 'bout that. Here it is. Not sure what happened, but the dead link was probably due to me trying to delete the code showing the Searched-Upon words in red highlight. Given the recent threads on that, I was trying to not bring that into play.

So look at the highlighted words and you’ll get a sense for how I found the thread.

@ Murde Mental:

The clip I linked to shows also an Muni Giraffe ! It’s not used as, BoBo do a stand up wheelwalk on it but it has a maxxis 2,5 and we go up and down stairs with it and it bounce very well :slight_smile:
It is very strong and not so high. As a result of the two wheels you could make all tricks you used on a normal Uni :slight_smile:
It is no twice ! Its powered by a chain !
I will cut of some better clips tonight to show you more ortions of this giraffe.
I could imagine this giraffe in your hands would be awesome :slight_smile:
I would like to see the face of the policeman when you going forward on this vehicle :slight_smile: