Giraffe unicycle tricks

I recently learned how to self mount a giraffe unicycle and I was hoping to have some new tricks to learn after that, that aren’t to difficult. Any links or responces will be greatly appreciated

How about side ride? :smiley:

Seriously though, I think hopping on a giraffe should be pretty easy. You can also do one-footed riding. If you can idle and ride backward on a standard uni, these should be easy on the giraffe also. For some more advanced stuff, you can try seat out skills and spins. Once you are bored with that, put pegs on it and ride it with your hands.
For further inspiration, check out this video of Dustin Kelm. It starts out with regular freestyle, but goes on to some very impressive giraffe skills.

Be creative!

Jonathan (Not a giraffe rider yet, due to lack of funds)

Idling is easier on a giraffe IMHO.

Balancing on a giraffe is like this:

Can you balance a standard pencil on your fingertip?

OK, can you balance a yardstick on your fingertip?

Which is easier to balance? The yardstick, of course. Giraffes are just like that. Hard to get on. Getting off is a bigger deal. But balancing up there is not real tough.

I found that practicing idling on the giraffe quickly translated to better idling on a “regular” 20-inch uni.

(Hang on to something and practice the footwork before you let go and free-idle)

Spins are very visual. If you want to impress an audience learn to spin, forward and backward. Beyond that, JSM gave you a great list to work on!

uh… cant really ride with the seat out on a girraffe… the pedals arnt directly on the axle like a street uni or sumptin, so if the seat goes forward or backward, you do too :P

It is possible to ride seat out in front and in back. You just have to adjust how you lean (lean back in order to do seat in front and vice versa).

coolest trick on a giraffe that I can think of: wheel walk by hugging the frame against your back tight. I swear I’ve seen it in my head, but I can’t remember where I did, so it could have just been in my imagination. I think it’s possible though : )

oh, and Memphis, I can do both of those balances on my nose, and neither very well on my finger O:-) finger balances are SO much harder