Giraffe unicycle!! offset?

I am building a giraffe unicycle out of my old 20" BMX bike. unfortunatly the forks I am using are to an angle at the bottom (attachments) I was wondering if the offset would affect my riding at all even if I put the seat right above the wheel.
oherwise I will fix it.

                Mykal Noah:D

It will be a non issue.

You should be fine, that isn’t much of an angle. I think the only thing it would really affect is your seat angle which is somewhat adjustable.

thanks, also does the gear ratio have to be 1 : 1 ? because the back sproket is smaller than the front sproket

No, but it will be easier to maneuver while riding if it is 1:1. On the plus side you will go faster if it isn’t

you will also get more life from your tyre if its not 1 to 1 , the point of greatest wear will move . but probably easiest to ride if is close to 1 : 1

I don’t recommend using both sprockets from the original bike; that will give you more gearing than you will want; esp. if you aren’t used to riding a giraffe. Use two that are within 25% of the same number of teeth for starters. Later you can experiment. :slight_smile: