Giraffe Uni

What’s the best giraffe uni I can get online that’s overall great? I want to try to do a lot of freestyle on one.

:smiley: A Torker TX is in my opinion the best unicycle to have. :smiley:

As for doing freestyle. It’s not exactly something i would do with a giraffe.

Torker Tx is a good Giraffe cause it’s so cheap. It’s taken a good beating by me,
Lot’s of mounts, spins, 1 foot, jumping up and down stuff. A lot of people don’t think it’s that strong but it has held up for me…

the tx is not a brilliant giraffe, infact tis the cheapest giraffe you can get (and yes i own one). Bending the axle and the frame is pretty easy, the saddle is atrocious. A nimbus performer double chain giraffe is very high quality and you can switch the heights. It would be your best bet for a sturdy giuraffe.u

What about the Nimbus 5 ft Deluxe?


Call the folks at UDC

When I was in doubt about a product I called the people at

They were really helpfull, and its a 1 800 number.

I spoke to them for 10 - 15 mins last time.

Answered all my questions. No pushy sales person on the line, just another rider like you and me.