giraffe uni

hey all, im still trying to sell my 5.5, ft giraffe,

its in good condition apart from tiny specks of rust on the chrome seat post,

its got a KH seat, maxxis ringworm tyre and metal pedals

email me on

i will try and attach a picture here


DVC00008 (Small).JPG

nice giraffe, I like it. (:

how much and how much shipping to cali, pm me plz

It will probably cheaper for you to buy a brand new giraffe in the US than ship his from the UK.

How much? i might be interested…

i want it… postage might be a bit much though… damn living in australia… also saving up for my trip to italy this year…

i’l sell it for £100 and shipping,

it was 110 brand new and then i put all the extras on it :sunglasses:


wish i could buy it… my parents r paying 4 my italian trip so wont pay 4 another uni… and im broke from buying my last uni :frowning:

giraffe are so dam hard to ride lol


sorry to bump it guys but this things still for sale!

it must go!:slight_smile:

its looks very small to me, you sure it 5.5 ft?

yer im sure its 5.5. foot :astonished:

try putting it up for £80

nice giraffe If i were into giraffes and didnt have one i would buy it.

thanks for the replys, unfortunatly i must ask you post here if your interested in BUYING IT!!! :angry:

im a laid back guy but i really dont care about how tall you THINK it is or how hard you THINK giraffes are to ride, or about your holidays! or what socks your wearing!!!

interested in buying??? POST HERE!!!



bungle :):slight_smile:

all the time bumping it to the top :wink:

You know he has a good point, we are just helping your buisness, my friend has a giraffe, its fun to ride, i dont see why it is hard to ride.
I was thinking about it, why dont you put it on Ebay!
You’ll sell it there for around that price.

I just got home from France. It was a very nice holiday, except french toilets are a bit ick.

Amanda :wink:

on Rocco’s account.

somebody should buy this haha

just wondering how much shipping to Chicago would cost? and also how much ur selling it for in USD