giraffe tricks

Anyone have a list of more tricks that I could work on for my 6’? I have 2 freemounts (climbing, povault), one foot ride, stomach ride, working on pedaling with my hands, backwards riding, trying to figure out how to do pirouettes.


umm i think riding a giraffey sounds like enough of a trick
but umm how about giraffey freestyle

Frog Mount: Hold the giraffe vertically and jump up so that you land squatting on the pedals. It’s scary, but doable.
Seat in front/back/side, forward, backward, or idling.
Backward one-footed.
Backspins and frontspins, especially quickly in series.

Some harder tricks which could conceivably be done are:
Side ride
Cross over riding and idling
Sideways wheel walk
Crank idle
Side hopping
Crank flips
Hand pedalling sitting on the seat

have you seen/done this?

You must have to have gumby legs or something for this? Maybe with stilts on…

thebigo do you have any pointers for me to do the polevault mount… I’ve got a 6’ semcycle and I didn’t think it was possible on a 6 footer. (I can’t even come close)