Giraffe Trials - 2 (maybe 3) second clip

If you want to see a very brief clip of someone doing trials on a giraffe, check out Alan Plotkins’ trailer of his EJC 2003 video.

The whole trailer is 4 minutes long. The giraffe bit is about 3/5 of the way along.

For the detail minded, it’s a bit of hopping on pallets.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

the link wont work for me

The site has exceeded its bandwidth. That’s what happens when you put 63MB videos on Tripod. You’ll have to try again later.

Here’s the main page for the site with the videos:
Alan Plotkin Festival Videos

Try uploading it to the gallery.

I managed to get it and its a real treat. Thanks Raphael!

Gilby, should I upload it into the gallery?

Could you just edit it and upload the giraffe bit?

i did want to watch it i was going to down load but i takes an hour and i am not on that long

I agree. I didn’t mind watching all the non uni stuff (almost all of it) because it was so well done and so entertaining.

Hopping around on pallets on a giraffe? No way!