giraffe to a 20"

has anybody ever ridden a giraffe taken feet off while riding, fell foward, and landed on the pedals of a 20incher, (and landed it)(or attempted) and ridden away? Wow I wana see that


What I have seen is someone climb down from a giraffe while holding a 20" in their hand, to ride away on the 20" without ever touching the floor. That was Jose Roman, and possibly one or two other people.

search for “The_Swedish_Cycle_Act_extreme_cycling_WM9_150Kbps” file.

Its 13.2mb, so i can’t attach it or owt. Do u know another way of getting it to you?

I got it from here somewhere. In it, one of the guys goes from an 8footer to a 12 footer (or summat!).

It’s not exactly what you asked for but its good anyway!

If I find it I’ll post up the address.


9th file on list

“The Swedish Cycle Act”

“Video frame from The Swedish Cycle Act video. See skills like riding a tandem bicycle like a tall giraffe, self mounting an 8 foot giraffe, transfer mount from a 6 foot to 8 foot giraffe, uni spin on a giraffe, artistic bike skills, and more.”

From John_Childs gallery. Cheers John.

crikey I’m bored.


thats an understatement

But the problem i see is haveing both pedals at the right place on both uni’s. and how do you control the 20 while on the raffie?

(im on dial up right now, ill check the videos later)



going from one giraffe to the other.


I’ve done that long ago, when I had less ambitions for the rest of my life, and when I had no camera. I did it from a 7’ which I realy can’t find anymore.

Doing the opposite is easier. In the Baja Beach Club in Barcelona, Spain is a Dutch guy named “Jumping Eddy” who -I’ve been told- does 5’ to 6’ to 7’. I met him a couple of times, but never saw him doing it.