Giraffe Success!

Fellow Listers:

Last week I received my 5’ Semcycle from John and Amy at the Unicycle Source. As
usual, the service and support were excellent!

All I could think of when I got it assembled and the saddle adjusted to my 33"
inseam was that I sure was glad I didn’t get the 6’ version.

Since UPS won’t leave items on my front porch, I had the giraffe shipped to my
office. Now all the people I work with know I’m insane (they had only suspected
it up til now).

Although I’m still using a step ladder to mount the uni, I’ve been able to get
myself in the saddle by stepping up on the tire/frame, only to fall before I can
get going. I hope this will improve with practice.

As far as riding goes, I managed to go a full lap (1/2 mile) around my
neighborhood last night - this was my goal for the week and I made it with days
to spare! I’m not sure how far I’ll ultimately be able to go, as this beast is
not really set up for distance riding with its 20" wheel. I suppose I’ll save
that task for my Coker.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my small success with the list and once again
that John and Amy for their excellent products and service.

John Schwinn 24", Coker 36", Semcycle 5’ Giraffe