Giraffe Story

About two weeks ago I went to the Craigslist bicycle section and the very first ad said “If you can ride it you can have it” and had a picture of a giraffe. :astonished: I called the number and the guy said to come on over. I told him I know how to ride but only a standard 20. He said he wouldn’t be too strict with the requirement. I fell off the first 2 times but went about 20 ft. the 3rd try. Now I have it. I went to the park to use a tall fence and smooth concrete. I got the hang of it a little but it is very hard for me to ride so far. It is home made from an old bicycle. It is very easy to bend. It is very easy to bend back. It has a 24 inch wheel. The seat post is too short for me and my other uni posts wont fit the frame. The one on there has a shim welded to it. If I can fix this issue it would make it easier for me.