giraffe speed

I want to buy a giraffe, and was looking at the torker tx
I read that its quality is not as good as the nimbus, but I am looking at the price difference…I’m not going to ride it everyday and go down jumps…
As long as I try to look after it and maintain it, it should serve me well as a for-fun / show other pple uni?

Also…I read that I can repalce the sprocket to gear up to go faster…? is that possible / do-able / practical?

Or I can wait and buy my 29" nimbus and it’ll actually be useful for going places and xc…and more portable :\

I got a tx I re geared it’s easy and cheap

Most just change the chain ring.

“re geared” is a little more involved.

I have a three speed internal hub (modified to lock-up the hub leaving 1st and 3rd gears shiftable) built into the wheel. I also changed the cog and chainring. Shifting it on a 5 footer isn’t for the faint hearted.