Giraffe Skill Levels?

Just curious has anyone completed skill levels on their giraffe and what is the highest level completed?
I’m trying to justify the purchase of a giraffe and if I can complete skill levels then hey, one more reason for me to buy right

I have completed Level 5 on a giraffe. The only hard part was the 10m Wheel Walk. After putting on my stilts though, it was not a problem.
-David Kaplan

PS- I dont know what I’m going to do when I get to Level * on the giraffe, that Hand Wheel Walking seems like it may take some practice.

i’m busting-up right now,April fools.,this stilt wheel walking would make a great pictureattention artists

word of advice, be prepared when you try seat out in front/back for the first time on a giraffe. :wink: